Monday, March 17, 2008

Germany and Paris Family Vacation 2008

Hey there everyone, just wanted to share with you all the things we did on our trip a couple weeks ago.
We departed on Saturday February 23rd and started our long day/night of travel. We got off to a pretty good start and only forgot one item at home. Luckily, we caught it early enough that Gary was able to do a double trip back to the airport for us.

Feb 23, Saturday: Depart MSP...
Feb 24, Sunday: arrive, Burg Nanstein Castle, Landstuhl
Feb 25, Monday: Kaiserslautern, Brats, Imbiss, Pastries, Church
Feb 26, Tuesday: Koblenz to Mainz, Rhein, Mosel, Bacharach, Hostel - great views, Pictures of castle across the river, lunch @ Königsbacher Brauerei, Mainz - dinner at Eisgrub Brau
Feb 27, Wednesday: Burg Trifels - Annweiler, Barbarossa
Feb 28, Thursday: Black Forest, Triberg, Waterfall, Hubert Herr, House of 1000 clocks.
Feb 29, Friday: Day off
Mar 1, Saturday: Heidelberg, Castle, shopping, old bridge, neckar river, cute skirt
Mar 2, Sunday: Tim and Susan to Burg Rheinstein, weiss rose - lunch, desert, capuccino, 3pm old ladies, Henry with mike/meg/jan
Mar 3, Monday: Off - Mike was heading out to Albania and forget his passport so we took it to the Frankfurt Airport for him.
Mar 4, Tuesday: Drove to Paris -> Notre Dame, Hippopotamus, Eiffel Tower at night, Henry fell asleep while walking around the green-space near the tower.
Mar 5, Wednesday: Louvre - Mona Lisa; Lunch in "Garden de Tuileries" at outdoor cafe - Wine, Quiche; Carousel Ride; Arch de Triomph - Walked to top for panoramic view; Back to Notre Dame to exchange book for correct language version; Dinner at Quasi-modo Cafe - Lentils with my "french" food of pork ribs.
Mar 6, Thursday: Eiffel Tower - Walked to 2nd observation deck, crepes by carousel, Bosnian Women, Drove back to Ramstein
Mar 7, Friday: Day off for packing/rest. Party at "O" Club.
Mar 8, Saturday: 19+ hour travel day home

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