Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to reboot NETGEAR WNR3500 router remotely

I've hunted high and low in the menu options and can't find a "reboot now" button. So after much searching, I finally found an easy way to reboot my router... On the basic settings screen, hit the "Test" button. I make no changes, just hit test. The router reboots and takes you to a test web page.

I need to reboot my router because it periodically doesn't accept wireless connections (like from my iPhone or PowerBook) and that's a royal PITA. I COULD just pull power, but it's more convenient to pull up a web browser.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to launch Microsoft AutoUpdate for Mac

With the release of Office 2008 for Mac SP2, I thought I should update my version. I just couldn't remember how to launch the Microsoft AutoUpdate program manually. Sure, it runs and checks when I launch the Office apps periodically, but I wanted to launch it manually right now and not launch Word/Excel/PowerPoint. So after doing a spotlight search, I still couldn't find it. I resorted to launching terminal and performing a 'ps -ax |grep -i autoupdate'. This revealed the path I was looking for:

/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft

Now, browse to that location and lunch the app. It searches for updates and happily proceeds to install SP2.